Sin Hoy How

Youcheng Zhou

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Hi there. My name is Youcheng Zhou, and I’m a graphic designer with a passion for exploring branding, front-end web design, application user interface and user experience design. I enjoy photography during my spare time in which I usually take photos of delicious food and stunning natural sceneries. Please check my Instagram @youcheng8880.

The project I chose is rebranding a coffee company named Sin Hoy How, a Malaysian local family-run company with a running history of seventy years since 1947. Sin Hoy How enjoys its reputation by selling high-quality blended Hainan coffee powder. This Company has been using the same brand identity since the business started. In order to keep pace with the modern advanced design concept, our main objective in this project is to help the company redesign its brand image while maintaining the uniqueness of its historical coffee culture. Besides that, we also inventively add some 21st century elements such as website and Mobile phone application designs to promote the publicity about Hainan coffee powder and increase the company’s domestic and international popularity.