Virtual Reality Poetry Experience

Victoria Miles

AR + VR Typography

I’m a passionate artist and designer. I am trained & have experience in digital skills, such as: web & app design, HTML & CSS, typography, branding, motion graphics, illustration, photography, and 3D modelling & animation.

I am also a keen artist with a particular interest in traditional oil-painting & drawing, illustration, and concept design.

Some of my other interests include science-fiction films, goldfish, fitness, and going outside.

Project description:
My project is an exploration of how a text can be made more immersive for the user through Virtual Reality, taking advantage of VR aspects, such as zoom and depth, within the Oculus Quill application.

I illustrated excerpts from Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám translated by Edward Fitzgerald, which is a poem that became popular throughout the English-speaking world in the 1880s. I chose this text because it suggested interesting imagery and a challenging abstract piece to conceptualise.

The text of the poem is formatted over a three-dimensional Fibonacci spiral that progressively shrinks in size. As the user reads along the text, they are taken through a series of illustrations which form a world to be immersed in.