Shannen Perry

Print Typography

Orphic is a geometric sans-serif typeface, made up of upper and lowercase characters as well as numerals, symbols, punctuation and diacritic glyphs. Orphic comes in one single weight and is designed for the purpose of being used as a display typeface.

The name Orphic is defined as ‘mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding’, this name reinforces the idea that typeface design takes a unique way of thinking and a deep understanding of how to combine letterforms to unite the typeface as a whole set.

As a designer I am largely inspired by geometric shapes and minimal & modern style design, Orphic combines both of these aspects through the use of straight lines and unique features to create a humanist styled typeface that can be used predominantly and most successfully in large formats but can also be used at smaller sizes too. My aim for this project was to challenge myself to create a unique typeface that can be used by graphic designers and publishers, I wanted to experiment with the idea of paying close attention to small details and also crafting a new way of thinking about graphic design.