Purrl Kitten

Nicole Sijnja

Websites Branding Print

My name is Nicole and I am passionate about digital branding and how companies apply their branding in the digital realms; from their website to mobile apps and how they apply their brand to their social media accounts. With a background in web development, primary teaching & graphic design; I have a unique set of skills for the digital realm. This project reflects my passion for branding and web design with a hobby of mine.

Knitting has the perception of bad sweaters, crazy old cat ladies and frumpy unstylish designs … however, this doesn’t have to be the case. Purrl Kitten is an artisan hand-dyed yarn company trying to tackle the knitting stereotypes and flip them on their head. Purrl Kitten’s branding takes inspiration from both the knitting and fashion worlds to create a brand that feels high-end but still feels fun.