I am, a computer fan who loves graphic design.
Ever since I was a child I liked to do creative works and after growing up, Photoshop and After Effect have become my right hand assistants which is the reason I chose to study graphic design at Uow for future development.

Interaction design is my favorite design area, and Unreal Engine has become the best stage for my dreams. Thanks to the three years of study, this has been the most precious part of my life.

Project Description

My Degree Project is a 3D game for younger children to learn English words and belongs to LITTLE HOST in Singapore. Compared to the same type of games on the market, my project offers exquisite scenes, interesting interactions and enjoyable learning styles that inspire children's enthusiasm.

The game was developed using Unreal Engine and features clever level design, vibrant graphics and I believe it can capture the favor of children's players. In addition, this Project will also provide more functions through future updates, and publish on the major mainstream platforms.

LittleHost's Adventure - Weichen Huang