I am studying in Computer Graphic design, and will be graduating soon at the University Of Waikato. I’ve always been very passionate about design ever since I was a child, and realised that this is my chosen pathway in the creative fields.

Design gives me the opportunity to broaden my ideas and learn new skills along the way. I personally enjoy branding, advertising and User interface, but also interested in print work and photography too!

Project Description

One of many problems in New Zealand is waste. New Zealand has over three million tonnes of landfill waste, which includes 220,000 tonnes of plastic. Plastic waste is significantly made up from food packaging, and as a result my degree project is Munch. Munch is a eco-friendly ice cream store, that creates customisable ice cream by using sustainable and eco-friendly materials to reduce the amount of product waste when producing the product.

In order to minimise material and product waste, Munch will deliver and package ice cream in an environmentally friendly manner i.e. using biodegradable materials. Munch’s strategy is to situate stores in densely populated cities (Auckland CBD) where we can deliver, and serve customer’s ice cream high quality ice cream whilst reducing production costs by implementing just in time purchasing. To maximise efficiency and minimise waste, Munch will take only online orders and payment (No cash orders) and deliver within CBD.

Munch’s application will help user with delivery, and have access to our menu. All Munch branding will be printed on eco-friendly paper which ranges from business cards to packaging.

Munch - Rie Takemoto