Creative. Smart. Hands- “wait, I can’t claim that.”
All my life I’ve inspired to be different, I’ve settled on unique and I’ve aimed to have the biggest range of style out there. During my youth I lived all over New Zealand and gained a huge personality.
It was by nature that design chose me. I specialise in Branding and User Interface, but have many useful hobbies like Photography and Videography, 3D Modelling, Web development and Motorcycles. I love my Motorcycles.

Project Description

Imagine seeing a corner flying towards you at 370kmh.
With a standard TV, you can’t. It lacks the depth and adrenaline the Formula One racer gets.
Apex broadcasts racing events in virtual reality, for a full 360 degree punch in the face.

I built this brand based off what the future holds. How can brand values and emotions be portrayed in both 2D and 3D atmospheres. With VR set to take over the gaming industry and venture into entertainment, it’s important for companies to start thinking about the missed opportunity of connecting with their audience on a new level.
The concept of adaptive branding never really took off, until now.

Come feel the action.

Apex - Kandin Robinson