I started studying various arts at a young age. I was offered full scholarship to attend a New York dance academy in order to nurture my potential in dance. In the same year, I became principle and performed 1000 shows over 5 continents thoughout the years.

I am currently studying Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design at the University of Waikato. I specialize in branding and website designs, my online design studio is lunching soon, stay tuned.

Project Description

My project is a design studio called Dimple. Dimple (designs made simple) focuses on creating aesthetically beautiful, and user friendly products for our clients.

Dimple creative is unique because it is less intimidating and easier to approach, while still promising high quality designs. Furthermore, friendly branding helps build customer rapport. Dimple's creative name reflects these qualities. ‘Dimple’ contains positive connotations, a feeling of intimacy, and they are famous for being attractive - these are the qualities we want our customers to feel when they come across my project.

Dimple Creative - Jeff Sun