I love to design creative and playful works. The Uow is the place where I started learning design - it is a memorable and precious study experience as it gives me the opportunity to learn in different environments.

Graphic design is the best way I can communicate my thoughts and I enjoy accepting the challenges and expanding my skills. I am interested in branding, web design and illustration.

Project Description

For my project, I wanted to design a pet adoption website that not only provided an adoption service, but more importantly, helped people who wanted to adopt a pet, to become a qualified and responsible adopter.

I believe most people would love to have a pet in their life. However, adoption is not simply an action, it is more about love and responsibility. There are many homeless animals who are abandoned simply because people were not yet ready to accept a pet for whatever reason. My website PLUSONE will solve this problem by guiding people to complete compulsory courses before adopting a pet as well as informing potential adopters as to what will happen after adopting a pet, how to raise a pet in a right way etc.

PLUSONE - Chunhong Qin