I am a 21 year old who is ready and eager to find a place in the design industry. Graphic design wasn’t always my goal but here I am ready to graduate from UoW.

During these years I have expanded my skills and knowledge after starting with just a passion for art and design that I developed at a young age, and after my primary school teachers told me my paintings were really good, I took that and ran with it.

Publications and branding are my main passions but I also have an interest and some experience in UI and UX that I am keen to follow.

Project Description

#HEX is a magazine aimed at a younger audience, intended to educate and inspire those who are interested in graphic design.

I saw a problem when I left high school and that was that - I had no knowledge on what graphic design was and what is encompassed. Targeting a younger audience and showing them the possibilities in graphic design will hopefully inspire them to head in the direction of studying graphic design.

The idea is that #HEX would be released every couple of months aimed around the different areas in Graphic design to give the audience basic knowledge that could apply to their works or help them through their design studies.

This project is Issue 0 of #HEX magazine and focuses on Typography. This issue contains articles about typography, sections that will expand knowledge and trends that will inspire.

#hex - Ashlea Curran